Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snippets from the Summit

It was like an "All You Can Hear" Buffet at the Cadillac summit yesterday. Here are a few of the tastiest nuggets overheard in just an hour's time ...

Woman with camera to camera-less friend: "I just had to prove to myself I was here!"

Hikers coming off the North Ridge trail up into the parking area, she walking slightly ahead. He slows and says, "Wait. What's your objective?" She looks back at him a long moment, incredulous, and answers, "To go to the summit."

New York guy going from loud to louder to loudest, to his friends, "A bagel. A BAGEL. A NEW YORK BAGEL - you can't get a New York bagel!"

Returning to the North Ridge trail to descend the mountain, muscle-bound shaved head guy in hiking gear says to his somewhat-less-than-trail-ready girl, "We really oughta try more challenging hikes, like with ropes and stuff." She stops dead, looks at him, and says, "Ropes???"

And finally ...

Tourists looking down onto the town of Bar Harbor, one asks, "Where's the motel?" Friend answers, "Down there, where it looks like a lot of debris."

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