Thursday, May 24, 2012

They probably have their own pier

Sitting on the wall at the Cadillac summit, and a woman, her husband and their dog sit down a few feet away.

Looking out over Frenchman Bay, she asks her husband, "Where do you think the whales come in?"

Looking slightly confused, he says, "I don't know..."

She continues, "...or do you think you have to go see them?"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Been there, seen that

Two older couples are at the Cadillac summit parking area. Three of them are contentedly looking out over the town of Bar Harbor, the exposed bar in Frenchman Bay, and the Porcupine Islands and talking among themselves, but one woman says, after standing there a minute or two, "Let's go." The other woman asks, "What? You're ready to leave already?"

The first woman answers, "You seen one mountain, you seen 'em all. I'm ready to GO!"

They put it there just for us

Two older couples get out of a vehicle with NY plates at the Cadillac summit parking lot. As they get closer to the edge, one of the men says, "Oh look. They even have a town down there."

The other fellow says, "It's Bar Harbor."

The first asks, "What?"

"Pearl Harbor."

Pregnant pause. "You're trying to confuse me, right?"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking the Part is Half the Battle

Guy at one end of the bar: "You a guitar player?"
Non-Guitar-Playing Guy at the other end: "No."
First Guy: "You look like a guitar player."
Response: "I could probably play if I tried."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Elton John

Overheard in a local bar: "I hated playing piano. But I could have been good. Not Elton John, but good. Plus I probably would have had better looking girlfriends."